Best Eczema Cream 2016

Best Eczema CreamLooking for the best eczema cream for 2016? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, is a common skin condition that has affected people of all ages around the world, an estimated 10-20 percent of the worldwide population to be detailed.

You will know you got eczema once you noticed patches of flaky, dry skin accompanied with red, itchy blisters.

For treating skin diseases like eczema, you may find it difficult to find a cream that can give a complete healing. There are several hundreds of creams available in the market, but which will be the best suit for you. When some follow doctor’s prescription, certain others search for creams that can be applied without any prescription.

Dealing with Eczema is no joke- it is itchy, stinging and so uncomfortable. It ruins great summer vacation moments especially in pulling off wearing cool, adorable flip-flops, or a romantic date holding the hands of your partner.

What can you do- you got eczema? Your palms are full of ugly and sore blisters, and your feet have deep cracks?

Eczema Cream as Remedy

Common medications for eczema are eczema creams like revitol skin care creams with emollients and tropical corticosteroids. Emollients are used to keep the skin soft and smooth. It helps skin to retain moisture. Most of the people who use un-prescribed creams use any emollient for various types of eczema.

Unfortunately, there is no 100% cure for eczema, but it can be managed using skin creams. However, with wide-ranging types of eczema creams offered in the market, can you still keep up?

Of course, each brand claims that their product is the best, and the most effective, plus there are tons of advertisements left and right. Some products are not just effective, but they can also be harmful to you.

Choosing the Best Eczema Cream

When affected by eczema, your skin gets really dry and irritated. It becomes so itchy so scratching the affected area is extremely tempting. As you scratch the affected skin, it might give you a short-term satisfaction but as a consequence, it will irritate the skin even more- the vicious cycle goes on and on.

The only way to impede the worst end is to moisturize the skin. The ultimate question is: “How would I know if my eczema cream is the right choice?” The problem revolves around the condition of your skin.

Bring back the sufficient moisture levels of the skin by applying lotions with a proven clean track record of doing so. If lotion seems insufficient to treat extremely dry skin, switch to an ointment and eczema cream.

Some eczema creams are bad for your health; in fact, Protopic and Elidel have already received warnings from FDA because they might cause some forms of cancer.

It is also important to follow the dosage and instructions in applying the eczema cream. Wear gloves while applying the cream so the risk of infection can be reduced.

Eczema cream with hydrocortisone is better because it can also help relieve itchiness. Also, choose water-based creams if you have sensitive skin as these creams are absorbed quickly by the skin.

Types of emollients in the market for various kinds of eczema are as follows:-

An eczema cream or lotion for very dry skin- If your skin is terribly dry then you should apply emollients produced especially for very dry skin. This type of cream can moisturize the skin and prevent it from becoming dry any longer. Cracks and rashes will be found in the extreme dry skin. Emollient for extra dry skin can heal skin bruises and retain moisture.

Lotion for mildly dry skin – While buying the lotion you should check whether it is for extra dry skin or mild dry skin. Lotion for mildly dry skin will have gentle medication to stop moisture leakage.

It prevents the skin from coming into contact with allergic detergents and chemicals, while retaining the moisture. Those having mild dry skin will not have serous skin infection, other than rashes and itching. Mild creams are needed to treat such infections.

Emollient only for face and hands – There are emollient creams in the market that can be used mainly for face and hands. For some people dryness will be mainly on face and hands. They can use this type of emollient to moisturize face and hands. When you want emollient only for face and hands, buy only after checking its application area.

Body lotion – Babies and young children will have dryness on the whole body. In such case, it is better to buy emollient that can be applied all over the body.

It is better to check the area of application before buying eczema creams. Some eczema creams can be applied only on certain particular parts of the body, like face and hands. Emollients are available as lotions, creams, and ointments.

There will be a confusion of the choice. There is not much difference between the three. When ointment contains more oil, the lotion contains more water, while the cream is in between the two. Use these creams and make your skin younger and glowing like never before.